To complete the new 2D and 3D CAM, development of a NC simulator provides the user with an accurate virtual representation of the cutting process of the component before it is made on the machine. For real NC code verification there is an additional G-code option available.

The quality and accuracy of the model representation, combined with the maximum number of axes that are simulated has been improved. For real G-code verification there is an additional option available which simulates the real NC files after the toolpaths have been post-processed. All relevant G codes, M codes and movements are simulated ensuring that the NC file on the machine tool can be run with 100% confidence.

Standard simulation

For VISI 21, new simulation software has been integrated to preview all CAM operations. The new simulator, VISI Virtual Machine (VVM), replaces the previous simulation module used to verify the machining operations created using VISI. The basic version is included within the standard license of VISI Machining.

G-code simulation

In addition to the standard simulator, there is also a G-code based simulation available as an extra option. This new option combines all the functionality of the standard simulation with the advantages of verifying the post-processed NC file. In this case, the VISI Virtual Machine simulator then behaves like the real NC machine; including all functions available on the machine tool control itself. During the simulation the axis positions, status variables, offset and other parameters can all be monitored and checked. When performing a precise calculation, the processing times can be realistically computed, accurately reporting the processing times for each tool and each machining program.