VISI Mould & VISI Progress

The development focus for VISI Mould and VISI Progress was aimed at improving process safety and also increasing the speed for managing large component models, including an updated Param-NG standard component engine to optimize 3D tool design.

Param-NG Management

Param-NG forms the basis of many VISI applications, including Feature Manager, Mould/Progress tool builder and the Standard Element catalogues. To meet the high complexity requirements expected, the Param-NG engine has been restructured to optimize its speed & functionality.

Standard elements

Enhancements to the Param-NG management have increased the options available for supporting multiple elements. Many improvements have been made to enhance the editing and transforming of standard elements within a 3D tool design. The catalogues have been updated with the main focus on the following suppliers, Meusburger (Mould & Progress), HASCO (Mould), Strack (Mould), Rabourdin (Mould & Progress) and Dayton (Progress).

VISI Progress

VISI Progress now supports 'Coining' with a number of key functions within the progress tool list. The new options provide the ability to manage faces that create non-constant wall thickness within a progress development. Additional neutral axis values can now be easily assigned and incorporated into the system options to enhance a range of calculation functions based on operator experience.

Progress Tool

The Progress Tool management utility (introduced for V20) has been significantly enhanced for version 21 to include two additional options to create standard element templates. The new “Quick Template” option allows the operator to create a standard element template from any predefined tool base. This now allows user defined tool templates to include the complete guide unit assembly and other commonly used standard elements. In addition, the punches created for a tool design are now automatically transferred to the tool assembly structure. 

VISI Blank

By implementing the latest FTI calculation engine, the calculation speed of sheet metal blank development has been significantly increased for VISI 21. The settings for constraining fixed geometry areas have been simplified and the integrated material database has been updated and expanded. Importantly, additional parameters have been included such as the modulus of elasticity, which will improve the quality of the development.