VISI Modelling

Major VISI Modelling developments include a new tool to manage multiple instances of the same geometry, component revision management, new surface modelling tools, tolerance application for drilling, enhanced tool/motion kinematics and updated CAD translators.

GUI - Undo History & Snapshot Manager

It is now possible to list all CAD operations using an 'undo history' which makes it very easy to step back through the working process. It is also possible to save view-port snapshots of layer settings, geometry display, viewing direction and zoom level. This helps when sharing data between multiple users as it provides the ability to immediately switch to a pre-defined viewing zone.

Component Revision Management

A new component revision concept has been integrated into Assembly Manager for VISI 21 where it is now possible to manage model changes after they have been released to manufacture. A revision history is automatically created when a model has been released with the model data automatically locked. Any change to a released model will create a copy of the data and update the revision number; providing a history track and ensuring the part for manufacture is always up to date. Importantly, the component revision management can also be used in conjunction with VISI PDM.

Multiple cavities management and solid groups

The solid group technology has been extended for VISI 21 to include the ability to manage multiple instances of the same geometry within an assembly. For example, multi-insert moulds and dies can now be managed with a single ‘master’ part which will automatically update all references of the same geometry if any part modification is required.  Importantly, standard catalogue components can also be managed by the multi-instance technology which will significantly reduce the design time for 3D tooling.

New surface functions

VISI 21 includes many new surface modelling tools designed specifically for the mould & die industry. The new features expand on the previous toolset for surface extension, surface tangency, and blending between curves and faces with curvature constraints. The new tools are ideal for mould tool parting faces and sheet-metal forming stage development.

Hole tolerance management

Hole tolerance management has been introduced for VISI 21. The tolerances can be automatically added when creating holes using feature manager and also applied manually to cylindrical body faces. The hole tolerance information can then be used when applying dimensions in 2D (plotview), 3D notes, and within the 3D boring chart.

Kinematics tool

The kinematic options within VISI 21 have been greatly expanded to include new constraints to simulate the physical movements of gears, gear racks and rails. The motion study simulation tools allow the user to define timelines which control the start & end movement cycles for various groups of components. The physical interaction of model geometry can be detected and the results of complex mechanisms validated - ideal when checking for potential collisions with slides, cams and lifters.


For VISI 21, the quality of all import and export interfaces have been improved and updated to include support for the latest native CAD readers. Developments include a dynamic data preview during import, multi-file import, and an updated batch converter. In addition, information such as PMI data can now be imported using the CATIA V5, UG NX and ProE / Creo translators. PMI data includes product information such as manufacturing tolerances, dimensions, or general product and production data. This means that important product-related information that is stored with the native CAD file can be imported into VISI.

Native CAD interface for Autodesk Inventor

In addition to the updated CAD interfaces, support for Autodesk Inventor has been introduced for VISI 21. Please open the accordion menu below to view the interface compatibility check list :

Interface Compatibility List

File Format File Extension Supported Version Import Export
ACIS .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab R1 - R25 Yes Yes
Catia V4 .model, .exp 4.1.9 - 4.2.4 Yes Yes
Catia V5 .CATPart, .CATProduct R6 - R24 (V5-6R2014) Yes Yes
Catia V6 .CATPart, .CATProduct V62014x Yes No
Inventor .ipt, .iam V6 - 2015 (.iam V11) Yes No
NX (Unigraphics) .prt 11 - NX 9 Yes No
JT Open .jt V10.0 and older Yes Yes
Solid Edge .par, .asm, .psm V18 - ST6 Yes No
SolidWorks .sldprt, .sldasm 98 - 2014 Yes No
Parasolid .x_b, .x_t, .xmt_bin, .xmt_txt 1.0 - 27 Yes Yes
Creo (PTC) .prt, .asm 16 - Creo 2.0 Yes No

Export to 3D PDF

To further improve the process of paperless manufacturing, 3D PDF exporting has been introduced for VISI 21. Please note that PDF files with 3D content can be viewed using the free Adobe Reader. Importantly, the use of 3D PDF is platform-independent and the content can be viewed on any computer, smartphone or tablet.